Download SQL Server 2014 now!

I did not write this post yesterday as I though that most people would think it will be an april fools’ joke. It finally arrived. SQL Server 2014 RTM is available for download. If you want to download it, you can do so by going to I’m really happy about this new version of SQL […]

SQL Server 2014 almost here!

Today’s biggest news for anyone using SQL Server is that the SQL Server 2014 RTM release date has been announced. The newest version of SQL Server will be released on April fool’s day. Quentin Clark announced the release date in Microsoft’s official blog. If you want to know more about this release you can check […]

Have you already tried “sp_AskBrent”?

Most of you probably have heard of  Brent Ozar. Today I would like to ask you, have you already tried “sp_AskBrent”? If you have not tried yet, I will strongly recommend to try it. It will help you to identify what is making your Server slow. Even if you are not really sure about it, […]

What do the "DB File Free Space (MB)" and the "DB File Free Space (%)" SCOM performance counters really monitor?

What do the “DB File Free Space (MB)” and the “DB File Free Space (%)” SCOM performance counters really monitor?

SCOM can be very helpful when monitoring your SQL Server Infrastructure. Sometimes when I get SCOM alerts, I don’t really now what they mean. Luckly for me there are many people that do know what they mean and how they work. One of these persons is my colleague Ruud van den Hooff. He took the time […]

Annual Report

Annual Report

A few things every DBA should know about Page Life Expectancy(PLE) & NUMA

A few days ago I was talking with some friends about Page Life Expectancy and why I do not consider it to be a valuable counter anymore. I started the discussion because I read Paul Randal’s blog about how the PLE value is affected when using systems that use  Non-Uniform Memory Access. According to Paul’s blog […]

SQL Saturday #199

I just returned today from Sofia where I was presenting at SQL Saturday #199. It was my second SQL Saturday. My presentation was on “Collecting and analyzing SQL Server performance data with Dynamic Management Objects”. I just finished uploading the slides on the site. If you are interested on downloading the slides you can find […]

New waitstats script

A while ago I posted a script based on Paul Randal’s script for listing the waitstats. I have added a few more descriptions to the query. Feel free to use it and let me know if you have any tips on improving it. WITH [Waits] AS (SELECT [wait_type], [wait_time_ms] / 1000.0 AS [WaitS], ([wait_time_ms] – […]

One thing you should know about SQLIO

I have been using SQLIO for a long time. The way I use it is creating a batch file that will execute multiple types of SQLIO commands against the test file. I learn this from Brent Ozar’s blog, I will recommend that blog to anyone that would like to start using SQLIO, Brent Ozar also […]

SQL Server Performance Monitoring with SCOM

One of the sites I always like to recommend is sqlbits. In the site of sqlbits you can find plenty of free “Amazing” content. A few weeks ago I blogged about one of Thomas Kejser’s sessions, you can find that blog here. Today I will blog about another of my favourites sessions, Bob Duffy’s Performance Management for […]