Know How to Restore SQL Database from .bak File

Probably, in many organizations the SQL Server has experienced an error such as abrupt termination, transient error, database copy issues, malicious attack and many more. Thus, to resolve these problems, then the more feasible option is to restore SQL server 2014 backup. But in some cases, rebooting the SQL server could be a good option to fix the problem yet restoring SQL database with SQL backup (.bak file) is the best solution. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss step-by-step guide to restore SQL database from backup file in an absolute way.

Restore SQL Database from .bak File – Manual Tricks

Go through the following methods that will help to restore database from backup in SQL Server. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Backup using Transact- SQL (T-SQL)

Create a complete database backup using T-SQL to restore SQL Database from .bak File. Let us have a look:

1. Fill the BACKUP DATABASE statement that creates Full Database Backup using the following specifications:
a) Name of Database to create backup
b) Place to write Full Database backup
c) The Syntax for complete database backup is:

Restore Database Test_Db from disk ='C:\Test_Db.bak'

2. Specify more than one ‘With’ options to create backup with Transact-SQL. These include:

For e.g. Description, where Description = {;text’|@text_variable }.
Description represents the free-form text of backup set.

Likewise, there are T-SQL backup database commands for different types of backup, backup with compression backup or with description to repair database SQL server 2014.

  • Create Backup using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Once you create a backup with SQL Server Management Studio, there is an option to generate the equivalent T-SQL backup using Script button. Also, you can select Script destination to accomplish the task. Follow these steps to restore SQL Database from .bak File :

1. Firstly, Open SQL Server Management Studio and then, connect to the database.
2. Go to database, right-click on Tasks >> Restore >> Database

3. A window Restore Database will display. Choose From device and specify the file location

4. Select Backup media as File option and click Add button to add the backup (.bak) file location

5. Choose a backup file that you want to recover and press OK button
6. At last, you can successfully recover the SQL server database with a confirmation message “The restoration of database ‘SQLDatabaseName’ completed successfully.“.

Professional Way to Recover SQL Database Backup File

But what if you found your .bak file is corrupted. You will not be able to restore SQL Database from .bak file. Thus, you need to fix your bak file, and then you will be able to restore SQL Server database. SQL Backup Repair Tool one of the best solutions that recover SQL Database .bak File without any data loss. It is compatible with backup file of SQL Server 2014 and its all below Versions.

Follow the steps that will to recover corrupt .bak file:

  • Launch SQL backup Recovery tool on your desktop
  • Click Add File or Folder option to load one or more SQL database backup files
  • Once the SQL backup file is selected, click OK button to proceed further
  • Then, choose the backup files and then, Recover option to start the Recovery process
  • After initializing the recovery process, software will start scanning or loading the selected backup file. Next, click Close button to continue with the process
  • Once the scanning process is done, software displays the preview of all recovered items from .bak file such as views, stored procedures, tables, etc. Then, choose the suitable element or sub-element to preview all contents respectively
  • After previewing all recovered items of corrupt .bak file, click Export button to save the recovered items accordingly.

Time to Conclude

In this write-up, we have covered different approaches to restore SQL database from .bak file. Sometimes user faces corruption in SQL .bak file which hinder the restoration process of SQL database. Hence the solution to fix that corrupted file has also been mentioned.


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