Most Common Causes of SQL Database Corruption – Know How to Fix It

As we know, Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system. The SQL database is most commonly used by organizations, institutions, industries, students and professionals with their diverse and expanded functions. SQL Server Structured Query Language was developed to improved the user interface and extended functions of the tool. Which makes it unique in terms of database management tool, to manage a large number of databases. But sometimes this SQL database can be corrupted due to various reasons.

“Please help! The hard drive of my system got damaged. Somehow I managed to recover the MDF file of SQL Server but It cannot be able to attach to the SQL Server Management studio. Maybe this MDF file is corrupted. Can anyone tell the causes of SQL database corruption? Also, help me to recover data from corrupted MDF files.”

Despite its great utility, the database it creates is susceptible to corruption. This damage to the SQL database means that files can no longer be accessed and it is therefore impossible to extract this important data. To counteract this situation, we will discuss the causes of SQL database corruption problem. And the best possible ways to resolve this issue.

Possible Reasons for SQL Database Corruption

There can be several reasons why the Microsoft SQL Server database has become corrupted. When a database is marked as SQL Server, it comprises two types of file systems, MDF and NDF. The MDF file system is a primary system in which the complete data information is stored. If the MDF file is not properly attached and removed, the entire database will be affected by the corruption of the MDF file. It can occur for multiple reasons:

1. Hardware and Power failure.

2. Software problem issue

3. File header error

4. Virus Attack

5. Update old version software to the new version

6. Insufficient memory space in SQL server

7. Improper Shutdown of SQL Database

Here are the Various Types of Errors faced by SQL Database Corruption Issue

So far we have discussed the main causes of SQL database corruption problem. Now we will discuss the main error which occurs due to a corruption problem.

SQL Server Page Level Corruption

SQL Server Database Error 3456

Msg 825 (read retry) in SQL Server

Msg 825 (read retry) in SQL Server

Msg 823 error in SQL Server

Database consistency errors reported by DBCC CHECKDB

SQL Server Table Corruption Error

Corruption on non-clustered indexes

Metadata corruption Error

Page-Level Corruption

Error 9004 in SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server error 945

Only the above error list doesn’t need to be available in SQL Database. Many more can occur when a user opens the corrupted SQL Server database. To act intelligently and solve the problem, the user can use the updated backup file. The user should have a regular habit of backing up files. Restoring a backup file can automatically remove errors. However, always make sure that your data backup is not out of date, as this can lead to data loss.

Best Solution to Fix SQL Database Corruption Problem

In this scenario, your database cannot be opened due to the causes of SQL database corruption. Then the SysTools SQL Recovery Tool offers the best and simplest intelligent solution. This software repairs corrupt SQL database files, including tables, columns, indexes, functions, keys, values, rules, triggers, checks, defaults, stored procedures, and user data types. It supports the suspect data file to a normal SQL database file.

Follow Some Steps to Fix SQL Database Corruption

Free Download SQL Recovery

1. Download and Install SysTools SQL File Recovery Tool in your local System.

2. Click to Open and Select the MDF file to recover.

3. Then, select the scan mode and detect the SQL Server Version.

4. Preview the data items of the MDF Database file.

5. Then, hit the Export button to export the recovered MDF data file.

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Summing Up


In this writeup, we have discussed the causes of SQL database corruption problem. This segment provides an effective and effortless way to make the SQL Server database MDF file error-free. The SQL file Recovery Tool is an immediate solution to fix this problem. Then the user can easily attach and detach the entire task in Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, the user can make profits with its advanced functions. Also, the user can easily recover the SQL database objects such as a table, stored procedure, functions, views, triggers, etc. This is the best and recommended solution to resolve the corruption problem of MDF files.


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