Are you sure the data on your database is not corrupt?

Data Corruption

As a SQL Server DBA you are responsible for the integrity of your databases. On December 2012 I published a blog with the title A great post on DBCC CHECKDB, on that blog I recommended to read the blog post from Aaron Bertrand, that post is one of the most complete pieces of information on DBCC CHECKDB that I have come across. Remember that I started this post by saying that as a SQL Server DBA you are responsible for the integrity of your databases, let me ask you, how often do you run DBCC CHECKDB? My next question will be, How much data are you allowed to loose? And the last question is, are your previous two answers the same? If not, you may have a problem.

Aaron (@AaronBertrand| covers on his blog different methods that can help you execute your integrity checks more often by reducing the impact on your production database Servers. If by any chance the answers you provided to the first two questions on this blog were not the same, then I’m pretty sure that Aaron’s blog will help you in getting them as close as possible. You can find Aaron’s blog here.

By now you must be thinking, why is this guy talking about a blog that was written almost 9 years ago, well the reason is that as crazy as it may result to you there are still many SQL Server DBAs that do not know how to reduce the impact of executing DBCC CHECKDB, if you are one of them, I hope this post may help you out, if you are not and your answers to the first two questions were the same, I have to congratulate you. Please don’t wait for a disaster to strike to arrange your integrity checks. If you have questions or you may want to ask me anything, I will be more than happy to help you, feel free to contact me.


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