Efficient Way To Fix Tables Corruption in SQL Server Problem

SQL Server by Microsoft is a popular database management system. This primary function of this application is to store and retrieve the data stored by the other applications. T-SQL or also known as Transact SQL is the extension of the SQL which is used in the Microsoft SQL Server. But sometimes the users have to face tables corruption in SQL server problem. So in this article, we are going to resolve the SQL server table corruption problem. Let us try to understand the situation with the help question asked by the user in the forum site.

“Please help! I am facing Tables Corruption in SQL Server issue. I don’t know the reason for this error. Due to this, I won’t be able to access and view records in the table, so can anyone help how to resolve this SQL server table corruption problem. Please suggest the safe methods for repairing the SQL server database. Thanks!

Note: The user can also read this post to know to how to recover deleted records in SQL server  

Prime Reasons Behind SQL Database Corruption Problem

SQL server uses three types of the file format to store the data. These three file formats are MDF (Primary database file used to store database objects) NDF ( Secondary database file), LDF file ( stores the log information.) There are several reasons behind the tables corruption in SQL server problem. Some of the possible causes of this problem are described below:

  1. Due to storage media corruption problem where the MDF file is stored.
  2. Failure of hard disk, also due to unexpected system shutdown, virus or malware attack are the cause of this problem.
  3. Sometimes the SQL database can be corrupted due to Network failure when the database is in working condition.

Note: The user can try to repair the corrupt database with the help of database console commands like DBCC CHECKDB or DBCC REPAIR commands. These commands can be useful to fix the minor level of corruption present in the database. Also to execute these commands one should have strong technical expertise. To avoid data loss situation, for this the user can take the help of the expert solution.

Expert Solution to Resolve Tables Corruption in SQL Server Problem

To recover the corrupted table data from the SQL database the user can take the help of MDF File Recovery software. This is one of the best software to deal with all kinds of corruption issues. By using this software the user can recover corrupted SQL tables, stored procedure, views, indexes, functions triggers, etc. This software allows the user to preview accidentally deleted SQL server table records in red color. Also, the user can any size of the MDF file. This software is compatible with SQL server 2017 and its below version.


Follow The Steps Below to Recover Data From Corrupted Table

  • Download and Install the software on your machine.
  • Click on open and browse the MDF file from its location.
  • Now choose the Scan mode from Quick Scan and the advanced Scan.
  • Select the SQL server version.
  • Click on Export button to export the data.
  • In the database authentication choose the server name and the authentication mode.
  • Now select the destination database and select the database objects which you want to recover.
  • Choose the option schema and data and finally click on Export button.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed the best and possible ways to fix tables corruption in SQL server easily. We have also given the reason for SQL database corruption problem. So to recover the corrupt table data the user can take the help of SQL database recovery software to resolve this issue.


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