SQLSkills Free Online Training

I’m writing this post from Schiphol airport. I’m about to board a plane to London where I will attend the Immersion Event on Performance Tuning. At this moment I feel very lucky to be able to attend this event. Hopefully after the event I will be able to share some of the knowledge on my blog. For now I will just mention the “SQLSkills Free Online Training”. If you have not heard about this before, you will be very happy about this post. The “SQLSkills Free Online Training” is as stated on the SQLSkills website “40 hours of online training geared towards studying for the SQL Server 2008 MCM certification”. You don’t need to be a SQL expert to watch the videos (I have been watching some of them, so that says enough :-)). Check this link   to find the videos, believe me you will thank me for this. It is REALLY worth it!


2 thoughts on “SQLSkills Free Online Training

    1. London was amazing! I will post more about it soon. If you have the chance I will really recommend you to attend to one of the Immersion Events from SQLSKILLS.

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