Have you checked your SQL Server CPU speed lately?

One of the things we usually forget as DBAs is that we need to check from time to time the CPU speed on our SQL Servers. In a perfect world we should not do it, but since the world is not perfect I will advice you to do so. This advice is not new, Brent Ozar wrote about it in 2010 and in SQL Server central you can find a nice article nice article on how to check your SQL Server on power saving mode using a WMI query. I got the WMI query from my friend Tricia Crighton, you need to run the WMI query on PowerShell. Here is the query:

gwmi -class win32_Processor | select currentClockSpeed, MaxClockSpeed


2 thoughts on “Have you checked your SQL Server CPU speed lately?

    1. In this post I refer to CPU that are not running at their max speed, due to power saving settings. Your post is not about the same issue, but thank you for the information anyway.

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