The best $97 you have ever spent?

Since yesterday it is not a hard question to me anymore. I’m subscribed to many blogs (see my list of SQL DBA ESSENTIAL LINKS), one of them is On the 17th of October I got a mail with the offer to get his VMWARE and Query Tuning videos for half price, you guessed $97. I just watched the video and it is a great source of information. The video is great for people who are new to VMWare and also for people who already have work with it. So, if you can expend the $97 I recommend you the Brent Ozar video. I did not buy the one on Query Tuning, but I’m sure it is also great, to me Brent Ozar is one of the best speakers in the SQL Community. To buy the videos, check Brent’s blog). By the way hurry up the offer expires on the 25th of October.


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