How to solve SQL Server performance issues

A few days ago I got an e-mail from a very good friend. He is an Oracle DBA ( I will even say guru), but for some reason he was ask to maintain some SQL Servers. In his mail he told me he was having some performance problems and he had no clue how to check this issues in SQL Server. I was in my vacation and I had limited access to the internet, so I did not want to engage in a mail chain, so I gave him a few tips. I guess the most important tip I gave him was to check Brent Ozar’s blog, specially Brent’s post about “Performance Tuning”. One thing Brent does not mention on his post is the SQL Server performance dashboard. I wrote a few post about solving some issues with it. I recommend you in case you don´t have it yet, please download it, it is very useful. To download it follow this link.

Here are other links that could help when resolving performance issues:

I will recommend you to check Brent’s post about performance tuning. In his post you can also find a presentation about performance tuning.

If you have any questions don´t hesitate to contact me, I´ll be glad to help!


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