Microsoft SQL Server 2011 “Denali” CTP2 download

For those waiting for the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2011 “Denali” CTP2, I heard that Microsoft will be skipping CTP2 and will be releasing CTP3. The next download will be problably CTP3 and it looks like it is almost ready, so be patient because the next CTP will probably be the last one before the RTM.

***UPDATE 26th May 2011***

I was surfing on the internet and I found a post on about signing up to be informed when the newest CTP release of SQL Server Denali (CTP 3) will be available. You can check the post here.

***UPDATE 17th July 2011***

CTP3 has been released download it from


3 thoughts on “Microsoft SQL Server 2011 “Denali” CTP2 download

    1. Microsoft’s employees are not allowed to give the information, but I will be very surprised if by the end of July it has not been released.

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