Rafal Lukawiecki

On the 5th of March I attended a Microsoft seminar. The seminar was about Microsoft Business Intelligence. The speaker was Rafal Lukawiecki. The seminar was excellent. There were for four different sessions, to know:

 The Big Picture of Business Intelligence: This session was an introduction to Business Intelligence and the Microsoft Platform.

 Self Service BI: In this session Rafal explained how business users can utilize Microsoft’s Power Pivot, SharePoint and Excel 2010 to create their own analysis.

 Data Warehousing, Management and Analytical Structures: Rafal explained in this session what the role of SQL Server 2008 R2 is in the Microsoft’s new Business Intelligence platform.

 Adhoc Analysis with Microsoft PowerPivot: The last session was an excellent demonstration of PowerPivot’s capabilities.

 According to Rafal this seminar will be available in July. In the mean time you can watch another of Rafal’s seminar at http://www.microsoft.com/emea/spotlight/event.aspx?id=99 . Enjoy!!!


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