Monitor your SQL databases

If you are a SQL DBA, you probably expend a large amount of time monitoring your SQL servers. Depending on the amount of servers you manage, monitoring SQL servers can be a very exhausting task. Sometime ago I found an article by Rodney Landrum with the title ”SQL Server Integration Services”, That article changed the way I do my work. Since I read that article and downloaded the SSIS package, I created some SSRS reports to monitor my environment. By doing this I was able to reduce the time I needed to monitor my environment. I also found some more information about how to use this package on a series of articles written by David Bird for SQL Server Central. The titles of these articles are:

“SQL Overview Part 1”,

“SQL Overview SSIS Package II – Retrieving SQL Error Log”,

“SQL Overview SSIS Package III – Full Package”,

‘SQL Overview IV – DBA’s Morning Review”,

These articles should help you to reduce the time you expend in monitoring your SQL databases, even better by using SSRS you will be able to create reports for the management.

There is another article that is very interesting and it may help you to improve the way you monitor your SQL databases. The title of the article is “Free Tools for the SQL Server DBA Part 2”, You can check the tools and decide which of these will you like to implement in your environment.


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