SQL 2005 Errors 18054 & 50001

Last week while checking the logs of my sql servers I found the following errors on one of the developer’s servers:

Error: 18054, Severity: 16, State: 1.
Error 50001, severity 1, state 1 was raised, but no message with that error number was found in sys.messages. If error is larger than 50000, make sure the user-defined message is added using sp_addmessage.

I searched for few days without success. When I finally got the chance to ask the developer he replied the following:

“sometimes earlier during an upgrade or build, this went wrong

  if not exists (select 1 from master..sysmessages where error = 50001)
        print “sp_addmessage 50001, 1, “”rollback trigger with raiserror”””
        print “go”
  if not exists (select 1 from master..sysmessages where error = 50002)
        print “sp_addmessage 50002, 1, “”rollback trigger”””
        print “go”

That’s why the error appears, the messages can be added manually.”

I did found using Google that Message numbers from 50001 and up are user-defined. This I found on http://www.sommarskog.se/error-handling-I.html, so next time you see an error higher than 50000, you should remember that it is a user-defined error.


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