Toastmasters of The Hague

While checking the twitter site of PASS(Professional Association for SQL Server) I came across a very interesting post. The title of the post is “Increase your value as a professional in the technical industry”. You can read it at I recommended! The article mentioned an organization that can help one to develop your public speaking skills. Since I can remember I have had problems with communicating, especially with public speaking, so I was very excited to find out that there is an organization that could help me improve my communications skills.

The organization is Toastmasters ( ). This organization is present in 106 countries, so if you are interested you can check if there is one chapter near you. I got very lucky, the organization has a chapter in The Hague and it is very close from my house. I will do my best to attend to the next meeting.

I will like to thank Brent Ozar for his correction to my first post!


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